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How does it work?

 Sitting Comfortably understands the importance of a quick and easy process...SOOOO we have chosen to leave our technical "paw-print" on the Pet Sitting Industry by utilizing a User-Friendly Client Portal that allows our clients to:

  • Schedule and Manage current and future service requests
  • Manage Home and Pet Details (e.g. feeding, medications, daily routine, etc.)
  • Review service completion status
  • View current and historical billing...AND make payments via credit/debit card or ACH Bank Withdrawals
  • Communicate with Admin, Management and/or Your Independent Pet Care provider
  • Receive daily updates with personalized messages and pictures regarding how your pet's day is going and MUCH MORE!!

1. Prior to your travel plans, visit our website to check out our SERVICES and RATES

2. CONTACT US or REQUEST ACCESS to the Client Portal (New Clients) or ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT (Existing Clients).  If you run into any issues, please email ( or call/text 816-739-8511.

3. Once you have activated your account, at a MINIMUM, we will need you to UPDATE your CONTACT and PET DETAILS. At the top of the Portal, you will see the Navigation Menu.

    • Navigate, to the "MY INFO" TAB and update/double check your contact information (e.g. address, phone, etc.).
    • SAVE!!
    • Navigate to the "PETS" TAB
    • Click "New Pet" and simply add your pet's name.  (You may update additional pet details now or at a later time, but all we are requesting for the initial Account Activation is the Pet's name)
    • SAVE!!
    • Repeat step 3 and 4 until you have added all the pets in your home
    • You may update the rest of your INFO and PET details at your leisure, however, having your contact details and accounting for all pets in the home will be important to ensure your quote is accurate and no revisions are required to the confirmation(s).

    4. REQUEST SERVICES on your own or send a message through The Portal and our Admin Team will set up services for you! You may also call or text 816-739-8511.

    5. NOTIFY Management on which Access Management Solution you are interested in. 

    6. If you are a New Client, Read through the COMPANY OVERVIEW and Schedule your MEET AND GREET.  

    • Although we email the Company Overview, we can still schedule a conference call to discuss the Company policies and procedures and address any questions you may have prior to your Meet and Greet.  Company Overviews via phone generally last 10-15 minutes.
    • During the Meet & Greet, you and your pets will become antiquated with the Pet Sitter who will be assigned to your home.  You will also get the opportunity to discuss the level of care required for your home and pets so we can service both successfully. Meet & Greets generally last 15-20 minutes.

    7. ADD your payment details to the Portal.

    • To ensure no service delays/cancellations, payment is due PRIOR to services beginning
    • The following payment methods are available through the Client Portal: Credit/Debit Card and ACH Bank Withdrawals.  

    8. Remember to COMPLETE the rest of your Online Profile via the Client Portal