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Sitting Comfortably Pet Care offers the BEST professional home and pet care at prices you can afford!!

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Company Overviews and Meet & Greets are FREE!!  During the Company Overview, a Member of SCPC will call to discuss company history, services, policies, and address questions you may have.  The Company Overview can also be emailed and read at your leisure. During the Meet & Greet, your Sitter will meet you, the pets, and discuss the level of care you need. 
(Company Overview takes about 10-15 minutes / Meet & Greets generally last between 10-20 minutes)

Payment is due PRIOR to services being rendered for all vacation, business, and specialty pet care services. Payment cannot be left in the home.

We accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  For your convenience, credit/debit card information can be kept on file with a signed authorization form. In the event you choose to keep this information on file, pet service fees will automatically be billed/charged no sooner than 7 days PRIOR to the start date of the service period. We also accept cash/checks, which can be mailed to our PO Box (P.O. Box 410171 Kansas City, MO 64141-0171). Checks can be made payable to Sitting Comfortably Pet Care.

All Services, EXCEPT our Private Boarding Service, are inclusive for households with NO MORE THAN 4 pets.

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*Return Check Fee is $35.00


*Invoices not paid within the terms will be subject to the following late fees. 
      - 3-30 days past due: $10
      - 31 - 60 days past due: $15 fee
      - 61 - 90 days past due: $25 fee
      - Over 90 days past due: $45 fee

Late fees will be applied to each invoice/service period. If special payment arrangements are required, please contact Management.  Customer accounts 90 Days or more past due will automatically be released to a third party collection agency.  Customer will be responsible for late fee and balance due, plus collection expenses including services, court cost, and legal fees.


Overnight House/Pet Sitting a.k.a "Sleepover Care"

After careful consideration, we have decided to END our Overnight Pet Care Service after 21 years!

Our company has always focused on assigning one sitter to each home to ensure the sitter/pet and sitter/client bond matures over time. This is very easy when it comes to our standard pet care services, but not the case for our Overnight Pet Care.

When I first started this company, I was a college student and my first pet assignment was Overnight care. As a student, it worked perfectly with my schedule! However, after starting my own family, spending the night in a client's home was difficult! We knew college students would have the best flexibility to spend the night in someone's home, BUT hiring a student came with concerns that were difficult to manage.

* The biggest concern was how often a student's schedule would change (usually the end of each semester), so there was no guarantee they could even work with our company within 3-4 months of hiring them

* The second concern was availability.  A sitter can be assigned as the Primary Sitter for three homes and this works beautifully as long as all three homes do not request Overnight Pet Care for the same dates or overlapping dates!!

Clients will be able to book visits after 8 pm to accommodate late potty breaks for their dogs, but for now and until we can think of a better option, we will have to discontinue the Overnight Pet Visits.

Private Dog Boarding
"The ULTIMATE one of our Sitter's Home"
(24-hour care)

Private Dog Boarding - (First Day)
Standard base rate and Taxi Service - 1 Dog

Time Frames:
Morning Pick-up between 7-10am
Evening Pick-up between 6-9pm


Private Dog Boarding - Daily Rate (1 Dog)


Private Dog Boarding - (Final Day)
Standard base rate and 50% Discounted Taxi Service- 1 Dog

Time Frames:
Morning Drop-off by 10 am
Evening Drop-off between 6pm-9pm


Each Additional Dog

$9 / Dog

Private Cage Boarding
We are more than happy to board your caged scaly, feathered, and fur babies (i.e., rabbits, gerbils, lizards, snakes, etc.)!  

Private Cage Boarding & Pet Taxi (First Day Evening Pick-up OR Last Day Morning Drop-off)

Private Cage Boarding (Daily Rate)

Private Cage Boarding & Pet Taxi (First Day Morning Pick-up OR Last Day Evening Drop-off)

Additional Cage Fee

All rates are inclusive for 1 cage.  Each additional cage will be charged the Additional Cage fee.   Please note, basic cage cleaning (e.g., changing papers only) is included, but extensive cage cleaning is not available through our Private Cage Boarding service.  If this level of service is required, In-home pet care will be the best option.





REQUIREMENTS - Sitting Comfortably is licensed with the State as a non-commercial border, which allows us to legally board our client's fur babies in a Team Member's home.  The law requires all boarded pets to have current vaccination records on file before allowing a pet in the sitter's home.  Please refer to Core Vaccination Requirements for more details. You may email a copy of your pet's vaccine records to or upload a copy into the Client Portal.

Dog Boarding Pick-up and Drop off Notices

  1. We no longer formally offer Afternoon Pick-ups/Drop-offs. Clients requesting pick-up/drop-off times before or after the available time blocks will ONLY be allowed if the Sitter is available AND it does not interfere with the current route. Please refer to the chart below for Fee schedule
  2. Out of courtesy to those Sitters caring for your fur babies, Clients requesting a pick-up time before 7 am on the first day will need to take advantage of the Evening Pick-up Service the day prior.  Additionally, Clients requesting a drop-off time after 9 pm on the final day will need to take advantage of the Morning Drop-off Service the next day.

Private Boarding Fee Chartv3

Please note, our company chooses to stay in compliance with the State and City Laws regarding the number of pets any team member can legally board/care for in their residence.  As such, no team member is allowed to board or care for more than 4 pets at any given time.  This includes pets owned by the team member and pets welcomed in their home as a fur guest.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our Management Team.

Standard and All Inclusive Pet Visits
morning, afternoon and evening
(Standard Visit times are between 7 am - 8 pm)

Standard Pet Visit (25-30 minutes)
 - Dogs, Cats, Tanks, Cages, etc.

$16 each*

Extra Special Evening Visit (15 minutes)
- Dogs & Cats b/w 8pm - 10pm

$20 each*

All Inclusive Pet Visit - ONE Price, FULL Service, NO Time Limit, Now that's QUALITY!!

* Dogs and Cats only
* Our All Inclusive Pet Visit is an un-timed visit (45 min minimum) with your fur babies and includes an unlimited amount of playtime, walks, cuddles, belly rubs, etc.)  YOUR PET WILL LOVE THIS EXTRA SPECIAL ATTENTION!!!

$25 each*



Additional Cage/Tank Services
 - Visits requiring extra maintenance/upkeep
 - Maintenance/upkeep takes longer than standard 25-30 minute visit

$8 every 15 minutes
after the initial 30 minute
service period has ended

Please call for accurate pricing

Farm Animals and Horse Care (30 Min Visit)
 - Farm visits generally require more care, maintenance, upkeep, etc.
 - Included: hay, grain, fresh water, and supplements, bring in from turnout or take out to pasture, stall cleaning, treats

Additional Farm Animals:

 - First, 2 Horses are included in Visit Fee.  
 - Additional Horse: $5/each

 - Other Animals: First 3 Med - Lrg animals are included in Visit Fee
 - Additional Animals (e.g. cats, dogs, pigs, chicken, etc.): $2/animal

$30 / Visit

plus $14 every 15 minutes 
after the initial 30 minute 
service period has ended

Because most farms are located in rural areas, mileage rates may apply per visit.

Please call for accurate pricing

*All Visits are inclusive for households with 1-4 Pets.
Please refer to our Additional Pet Charge if your home has more than 4 Pets

*Morning, afternoon, and evening visits will be within the following times:

- Morning: 7:00am - 11:00am
- Afternoon: 11:00am - 4:00pm
- Evening: 4:00pm - 8:00pm
- Late Evening: 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Standard and All Inclusive Dog Walk & Exercise Sessions
morning, afternoon and evening
(Visit times are between 7 am - 8 pm)

Standard Dog Walk (20-25 min walk)

$17 each*

All Inclusive Pet Visit - ONE Price, FULL Service, NO Time Limit, Now that's QUALITY!!

* Dogs and Cats only
* Our All Inclusive Pet Visit is an untimed visit with your fur babies and includes an unlimited amount of playtime, walks, cuddles, belly rubs, etc.)  YOUR PET WILL LOVE THIS EXTRA SPECIAL ATTENTION!!!

$25 each*



*All Walks are inclusive for households with 1-4 DOGS.
Please refer to our Additional Pet Charge if your home has more than 4 Dogs.

*Morning, afternoon, and evening walks will be within the following times:

- Morning: 7:00am - 11:00am
- Afternoon: 11:00am - 4:00pm
- Evening: 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Additional Pet Charge / Stray Animals

Additional Pet Charge 
-  Cats / Small Caged Animals

Additional $4.50 per visit

Additional Pet Charge
-  Dogs

Additional $4.50 per visit

Additional Pet Charge
- Small / Large Cages

TBD after Consultation

Stray Animal(s)

Additional $7 per day

 Effective 6/1/2011, Sitting Comfortably Pet Care will no longer waive the Additional Pet Fee for multi-pet homes with cats.  Even though your fur baby may hide or not want to play during a visit, the Sitter is still responsible for feeding, watering, and cleaning the litter which is all included in the visit fee.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Keys / Code Management

100% Control over YOUR Keys!

One-time Fee

Garage / Door Code access


Key Pick-up
(at a scheduled date and time)


Key Return
(at a scheduled date and time)


Monthly Key Holding Fee

(If key is kept on file. Client is encouraged to provide 2 key copies)


Key Copies

(Applicable if keys are on file and Management has to make duplicate key copies)


Key Mailing
(Certified Mail ONLY)


For more information on SCPC's Access Management Solutions, please visit the Key / Code Management Service Page.


Additional Services and Fees

Extra Special Attention - Per Visit
(e.g., pet mess clean-up, physical exertion lifting pets, etc.)

Extra Special Attention - Boarding / Overnights (Daily Rate)
(e.g. pet mess clean-up, physical exertion lifting pets, etc.)

$4 / visit

$9 / day - Boarding/Overnights

Extended Care - Hotel Stay

$27/hour (2-hour minimum)

After 8pm - $30/hour (2-hour minimum)

Standard Medical Attention 

Extra Medical Attention (e.g., B12 shots, etc.)
During Scheduled Visits
Please note, we no longer administer Insulin Shots



$3 each

Pet Supply Pick Up / Miscellaneous Errands
(Discounts Do Not Apply)

$12.00 Pick-up / Drop Off
plus $0.75 / mile
plus cost of supplies
(receipts will be provided)

Same-Day Emergency Surcharge
(Same day service request or requests received AFTER "NOON" the day before for services on the next day)

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - Noon
Sunday - closed

$6 / Visit
plus standard visit rates


Holiday Late Booking Fee

Requests received 3 days or less from the actual Holiday "Date/Day" will incur a Late Holiday Booking Fee.  

Counting Days:
Day 1 - The Reservation Request Date will be counted as Day 1
Day 2 & 3 - Days 2 and 3 will immediately follow the Request Date
Day 4 - Holiday "Date/Day"

If your Reservation Request Date falls on days 1 - 3 above, the Holiday Late Booking Fee will be added to your quote.


Pet Taxi - One Way Trip Service
(Discounts do not apply)

Pet Taxi - Round Trip Service
(Discounts do not apply)

Wait Fee

$12.00 Pick-up or Drop-Off
plus $1.50 / transport mile*

$22  Round Trip (to and from same location)
plus $1.50 / transport mile*

$8 every 15 minutes

Please note, a Pick-up Mileage fee may apply.
Please refer to our "Additional Services" page for more info.

Pet Taxi - To or From KCI Airport
(Discounts Do Not Apply)

$60 Pick-up/Drop Off
plus $1.50 / transport mile
Please note, a Pick-up Mileage fee may apply.
Please refer to our "Additional Services" page for more info. 

Security Check - (up to 10 min)

Extra Special Check - (11 min - up to 30 min MAX)

To ensure your mail does not accumulate, your trash is set out, and other crime deterrent measures are taken, basic Security Checks can be added to your Private Boarding Package. 

If you are traveling and have no pets, this service can also be advantageous for you!!

$12 per occurrence 

$15 per occurrence

Outside Service Areas
We are more than happy to accommodate homes in rural areas of town and/or homes that are outside the closest sitter's 10-mile radius driving distance as long as both parties agree to the commitment.  This includes the Sitter being willing and able to complete services given the distance, as well as the Client being informed and willing/able to pay the Out of Service Area Fees.

In general, driving the distance to assist a fur baby works well as long as the distance, level of care, etc. do not place stress on the sitter's normal pet care route. If clients wish to pursue services given this information, an additional fee will be added to each visit to account for the additional driving required to service your home and pets.

If closest sitter lives between:

10-12 miles - $2/visit

12-14 miles - $3/visit

14-16 miles - $4/visit

16-18 miles - $5/visit

18-20 miles $6/visit

Poop Scoop Services

Total Dogs




Every Other Week








Each Additional Dog

$2 / Occurrence

Initial Cleaning OR
One time Yard “Poo” Clean-up

$30 for first 2 Gallons of "poo"
plus $12 for each add'l 2 gallons

Exxxtra Scoops

$12 for each additional
2 gallons per visit

"Poo" Haul Away Service

$2.50 / Scoop

* All Services are applicable for standard yard sizes (80' x 80').  Larger yards may incur additional fees, which will be estimated during the initial consultation.

*All rates are inclusive for ONE yard only (front, back, or side), unless the combined size of all service areas are within the "standard yard size" limit noted above.

* All rates are inclusive for yards with NO more than 2 gallons of scooped "poo" per visit.  Please refer to our Exxxtra Scoops fee.

Holiday Surcharges

Services scheduled on all applicable Holidays will incur the standard rate PLUS a one time Holiday Surcharge of $12 for each noted Holiday. Please see below for the Holidays.

* New Year's Eve (December 31st)
* New Year's Day (January 1st)
* Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (3rd Monday in January)
* President's Day (3rd Monday in February)
* Easter Sunday (March 23rd)
* Memorial Day (Observed last Monday in May)
* Independence Day (4th of July)
* Labor Day (1st Monday in September)
* Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November)
* Christmas Eve (December 24th)
* Christmas Day (December 25th)

Petty Cash

A petty cash account can be set up to handle any expenses or services that require payment. In the event there is no petty cash account set up, Sitting Comfortably Pet Care will settle any billing and will add a 20% up-charge to the total.  This fee will be reflected on your invoice.